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So, you are looking for the best hidden object games and we are happy to say that you have arrived at the right place. Because GameTop is in the best position to recommend these games that we personally have played and enjoyed enough to publish them for our gamers. Also, we are one of the best distributors and have a huge collection of free hidden object games. From the scary hidden object games to the mystery, detective or adventure ones, we have curated a list of the best 10 from this genre. We also take into account the popularity in terms of downloads and ratings given by our gamers.


Adam Wolfe

Best Free hidden object games for PC

Adam Wolfe is a high quality hidden object game that combines mystery, dark, supernatural and detective elements. The gameplay is extremely immersive and addictive because of the suspense from meeting mysterious characters along the way.

Not only will you be facing the detailed crime scenes, you will also be dealing with unnatural occurrences. So expect to find clues and literally fight against evil from both worlds to finally unveil a conspiracy. Mostly importantly, this game is made available for free here at GameTop.


Mystery of Unicorn Castle: The Beastmaster

Free hidden object games for PC

This game brings you on a scary-fantasy adventure from modern day to a mystical castle. You will have to save a kidnapped young girl named Sophie. But in order to achieve this, you will have to decide if you want to help the also trapped ghosts within the castle.

There will also be many decision making moments as to how you want to solve issues, and this is what makes the game more interesting. The hidden object scenes are of good quality both graphically and in terms of difficulty in finding clues. Lastly, remember that this castle belongs to a beast and always expect traps in such a situation!

Wave of Time

If you enjoy travelling, Wave of time has time travelling elements and takes players all the way back to ancient italy for some hidden object scenes and gameplay! At some point, players will also travel to a mysterious planet and back to current time when things have changed drastically. So definitely try out this unconventional hidden object game now!

Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean

Tales of Lagoona: Orphans of the Ocean takes you on a magical world under the sea in which players are helping the main mermaid character to save the orphanage. This game has high replayability because the part of selling things you find to improve the orphanage is especially fun.

The puzzles can be played for as many times as you like and there are also many rooms to see. Compared to the other scary or highly intensive games, this one is particularly relaxing with underwater graphics and music. It is also suitable for kids due to the cute characters and story.

The Book of Desires

The Book of Desires is a scary and creepy hidden object game due to its storyline and subtitles. With this focus, the difficulty of the puzzles are pretty balanced and it has a great hint system. Something cool about this game is that you will not be able to randomly click around to hope to find items.

Odysseus: Long Way Home

Odysseus: Long Way Home is a hidden object adventure game that has the Greek Mythology fantasy elements. This game is considered an easy game in general but it does require players to think through different hidden object scenes and backtrack on different sites for possible items that could be put together or used to complete certain tasks. For players looking for a challenge, try this game on expert mode!

Kingdom of Aurelia: Mystery of Poisoned Dagger

In this game, you will play as a boy who will foil the assassination plot against the royal family, with the help of a robot that can read intentions. It is a long adventure game in a good way, with sufficient info in each area to keep players going. Not every game has to be difficult to be enjoyable, this game made sure to be balanced in terms of the story, the casual gameplay and balanced puzzles.

Living Legends: Frozen Beauty

In Living Legends: Frozen Beauty, fight against the Ice Queen who made your sister her successor, but with bad intentions. By the sound of the title, you would have already guessed that it is a hidden object game with a twist of fantasy. This game is great from the storyline to puzzles and scenes, start to end of the game. You will even have a pet with you, play to find out which animal that is!

Dreamscapes 2

Now this game is a little scary being based on nightmares and the sandman. Laura, someone who just came out of coma comes to find you the player to save her partner Tim who has just entered coma!

You will enter the subconscious of Tim to find out more, mostly to fight against the nightmares Tim is having. Dreamscapes 2 is a lighter point-and-click game that is primarily focused on unique puzzle levels.

Abandoned: Chestnut Lodge Asylum

There is a mystery at the abandoned asylum. Patients have disappeared without a trace or a clue for the police and nurses. You, the player, will have premonitions and fears about them and the only way to get your normal life back is to solve this mystery. Apart from the good storyline, there will be items that you picked up at the beginning that have a use only at the end of the game. Without a map, you will need to memorize and think about what to do as you go back and forth.

Published 03 July 2020

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