William and Sly: Classic Collection

  • 2D platforming gameplay with no fall damage
  • Non-linear exploration of gorgeous hand-painted worlds
  • Nice soundtrack enhances the relaxing atmosphere

A Fox and His Wizard Friend!

William and Sly is a pair of free Flash games that tell the story of an unlikely duo - the agile fox Sly and his closest companion, the wizard William. In these platform games, you take control of Sly from a side-scrolling perspective to help William with his magical experiments and discoveries.

William and Sly

The first game sees William's teleportation system deactivated, and it's up to Sly to fix it by activating stones and playing with mysterious fairyflies. But the true joy is in exploring the sprawling landscapes, venturing beyond tasks to make intriguing finds around every corner.

William and Sly 2

In the second game, mischievous gnomes have stolen and scattered the pages of William's journal. Sly must once again come to the rescue, this time solving light puzzles and side quests alongside the main one. Help our heroes outmaneuver sneaky enemies and solve mind-bending puzzles to progress through this side scroller game!

Two games jam-packed with charm, wonder and friendship. The wait is over - now you can journey alongside Sly and William anytime, anywhere on your Steam library. Their magical worlds are just a click away...download free now!

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Published 04 December 2023

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