Wild Life Rescue

Hidden Object

In Wild Life Rescue, you will come face to face with the wild nature. Can you save innocent animals from death as their lives are in your hands?

You will get to detect animals by walking through the beautiful forests of the reserve, enjoy the unique wildlife, and find new species of animals and take pictures of them. If they are wounded or sick, you will have to use various items in your inventory to find them and treat them, so that they can return to their natural habitat as soon as possible.

As you progress along in the game, you will find more new animals, and when you take pictures of them you can collect and add these photos to your collection. You will also unlock a wide range of equipment, from binoculars to pistols and rifles with tranquilizer darts and sleeping pills, noise and sound grenades, and much much more. Use these to either capture the animals or prevent them from attacking you!

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Published 18 October 2021

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