Wield Magical Concoctions and Unearth The Dark Mystery in Apothecarium: Renaissance of Evil

A Dark Tale of Intrigue in a Hidden Society

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Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil is a Hidden Object pc game developed by Space Monkey Games Factory International. In it, you play as one of the few survivors of a terrifying plague, doing your best to survive and put an end to this nightmare. Utilize your magical prowess to escape the darkness and solve the mystery behind it.

The story of the game starts simple enough but gets complicated with each passing stage. You are an alchemist, a highly regarded profession in this medieval-style fantasy world, and you are tasked by your kingdom to find a cure (by any means necessary) that ails the land of Italy.

As your character narrates the events leading to the present time, you seem to be ready to set on your journey when suddenly you are struck from behind. You then find yourself in front of a mythical town of alchemists, and someone has already found her way here. This young child tells you of your nemesis, a dark wizard that controls the plague. This is how the game starts; already a surprise as you barely start your journey. This keeps happening as you advance in the story, with little narration detailing the relationships between the characters, their motives, and more.

As you travel trying to catch up to the wizard, you see the remains of his deadly curse; petrified humans, man-eating plants, and evil killer trees. You have to use your wit and alchemy skills to pass every challenge and reach your goals.

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Published 03 March 2024

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