Unleash Your Magical Powers to Recover The Lost Sacred Relic in Cavern Quest 2

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A Thrilling Sequel With A New Intriguing Plot

The story follows the adventurers from the first installment having a party with the King himself, commemorating the achievements of the previous adventure. As the party winds down and everyone settles to sleep, a shadowy figure stalks the night and steals an ancient relic. They make a swift escape, and it is your mission to capture the thief and collect the runes they drop along the way. The story from there is filled with twists and turns since the thief is believed to be your sister.

As mentioned before, the game is fully voice-acted, be it when the characters are speaking or when the narrator tells a story. This of course helps with immersion, but it also helps to sell the game’s tone, which is more a lighthearted comedy and less an epic adventure for the ages. Characters clash and have little quips with each other, giving you something to look forward to as you beat each main level.

Addictive Match 3 Gameplay With Multiple Mini Games

Gameplay-wise, this is a Match 3 game with an emphasis on exploration. The stages are big sprawling maps, and you have to match three or more of the same icon to not only make it disappear (making more tiles fall into place) but also to move toward where you made that move since you can never see the whole map at once. And what’s more, beyond the tutorial levels no map is a simple hallway; they all have multiple paths to follow with plenty of things to find on each corner.

Your main objective however is to find all the runes on a given level, and once you find them you have to dig them up. To do so you have to make matches around the rune until all dirt tiles are gone. This is not only for the rune since if you find any spots of grass or dirt and they have sparkles on them, it means there is a hidden object for you to acquire. Since there are so many things to find, you are always given the option to remain in a level even after you’ve found all the runes, since you might want to finish exploring what lies beyond or even complete the bonus objectives the game offers.

Sometimes you might find treasure chests on the stages; these might require keys or picking their locks. If you need a key, it is hidden in one of the sparkling spots we mentioned earlier, yet if you need to pick the lock you will have to play a minigame. This minigame might be a bit hard to understand, but the best way to do it is by trial and error until you get it. There is the option to skip it, however, since it isn’t the real meat of the game. All objects you can find are related to the quests system.

You will find different characters in your adventure that might ask for a random assortment of stuff, encouraging exploration within the levels. The rewards can vary from more levels to even a bomb power-up to help you in your adventures, so don’t pass them up. Since you can even level up, it’s best to do every side quest and explore everything you find.

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Vibrant Scenes and Glorious Art Style

The game’s art style is very colorful and cheery without being overtly cartoonish. While characters are not animated, they are very well designed and full of details, and also they are fully voice acted which is always a plus. While playing a level, each object you can find and move around have its color scheme, making finding matches an easier task than in other games of the genre. Even when the tiles change their background, the contrast with the pieces is big enough to tell at a glance where to make your next move, which is particularly important in this title.


Cavern Quest 2 is a joyful and relaxing game that works as a simple pastime, but with enough depth to deserve sinking hours into it and uncovering every single secret it has to offer. Being a sequel, it also serves as a great continuation to the running narrative and gives players more insight and content into the wonderful world that the game has carefully crafted.

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Published 11 September 2023

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