Uncover hidden object mysteries in Christmas Adventure Candy Storm!

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What is this game about?

Christmas Adventure Candy Storm is a hidden object mystery game that is heavy on its Christmas theme. In it, you take the role of a rushed parent that, on their way home from buying a last minute present, is thrown into a Christmas adventure filled with snowmen, spirits and candy!

Exciting hidden object gameplay!

When it comes to gameplay, your primary mission on each stage revolves around gathering the necessary items to progress. This could involve combining items you've already acquired or figuring out less obvious solutions. It's somewhat reminiscent of games similar to Clutter where the challenge lies in identifying and collecting specific items within a cluttered scene.

The tasks range from simple actions like using a shovel to clear snow, to more complex ones such as finding a cog to complete a mechanism. Once you've done that, you're free to tackle an entertaining puzzle. These puzzles offer a refreshing break from the usual item-hunting gameplay, introducing an element of variety that keeps things interesting.

Additionally, there's another Hidden Object mode that might be right under your nose. To unlock these areas, you need to know what you're searching for. Once you do, certain sections become accessible for a closer inspection. Here, you're presented with a high-resolution image of the location, filled with a plethora of items waiting to be sifted through. It's yet another layer of complexity that makes this game so engaging.

In order to clear these stages, you will be given a list. Once you click on an object shown on the list, it disappears, and you have to clear every item listed.

Some objects might require further interaction, like opening a drawer or something like that; these objects are specially marked so you do not stress yourself looking for them. Once you clear these stages, you are given a single useful item from the lot.

As the story progresses, you might need a different item from the same stage you already cleared, so keep in mind where you found it so you can come back easily to it.

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Use the helpful items to progress!

There are plenty of things that can aid you on your journey. Firstly, there is your journal. Every mystery game protagonist has one. This is not only useful to get your bearings in general, since you might be confused as to where to go next. It is also useful in cases where you might leave the game for a slightly long period of time; instead of restarting the game if you are lost, you can just read the journal.

You can also count on the help of a friendly sprite, a spirit creature that looks like a ball of light that follows you around. This creature guides you to your different objectives, so you always know the main thing you are trying to do. But it will not guide you through the specifics, that is up to you.

If you need more detailed help for the moment to moment gameplay, you would need to use the hint feature located in the bottom right corner of the screen. When you click on this icon, it will show you where you need to go next to progress on the stage, so you always know that you are standing on the right spot.

This useful feature recharges every minute or so, giving you a chance to think about the puzzle or section you might be stuck on instead of just relying on hints.

Christmas themed art style that brings out the festive mood!

The art style of the game is incredibly beautiful, filled with colorful scenery and playful visuals. The setting and tone of the game is reminiscent of the feel of classic Christmas stories; this is not a religious tale, this is about the spirit of christmas as a holiday for the family.

And of course, about presents. This makes all the visuals very childlike, but in a good way. It has all the quality one can expect out of this genre of games, with all the colorful and playfulness that comes with the thematic. You have toys of all sizes, candy that never rots and magical creatures to stumble upon; the game is really a beauty to see.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Christmas Adventure is a fun classic game in the hidden object style, with plenty of Christmas spirit to get you in the mood for the coming holidays.

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Published 23 December 2021

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