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What is Annabel about?

Annabel is a hidden object love story game that also involves time traveling elements as well as an exciting adventure gameplay. In this game, you play as Annabel, a princess that has to find ways and means to reunite with your lover in order to put a halt to the evil high priest's plans to usurp the throne!

This hidden object love story/adventure game is also the first casual game with 3D characters set in a 3D world. Although the graphics are no longer as stunning as they were a few years back, the gripping love story adventure as well as the revolutionary ideas and game designs are still very much in play, and may even fill you with nostalgia as you reminisce about older games.

Why do we recommend Annabel?

Interactive hidden object scenes!

With its 3D game design and characters, it only makes sense that its hidden object scenes are equally stunning and vivid. You may have played many hidden object games, and solved countless hidden object scenes, but have you tried solving 3D puzzles in a casual hidden object game?

Likely not! But not to worry - Annabel can change that for you with its beautifully constructed hidden object scenes!

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Gripping and engaging storyline!

With time travel involved and a whole host of enemies as well as monsters to fend off, there is never a dull moment in Annabel. Can you reverse the fates of the star-crossed lovers and thwart the evil high priest's plans? Can you solve intricate and challenging puzzles even as you are not from that timeline?

We are as excited to see you enjoy your time travelling adventures as you should be when embarking on it!

Annabel is a well-received game!

Holding a 4.4/5 star rating, Annabel is a highly popular game amongst those who have played it. We are sure that you will enjoy being transported into another timeline as much as us and the other players too!

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Filled with wondrous elements and time travelling awe, there is much to unpack in this popular game. With its intriguing nostalgic graphics, immersive sound effects and gripping storyline, this is not a game to be missed.

Escape reality and live in the time of ancient Egypt now!

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Published 04 May 2023

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