Action Gun Strategy War Wargame

Available at Steam

Tannenberg can be played for free for the next two days, so get in on the gun action and enjoy this hugely popular, award-winning game that comes with both a campaign mode and an online multiplayer battle royale!

This weekend, join the Great War for free and engage in warfare between the Russian Empire, Germany, and their allies. This game offers a fresh experience for first person shooter players and history enthusiasts alike.

Tannenberg also has a meticulous eye for detail, as there is historical uniform progression as the war drags on, as well as atmospheric weather variations. You can also use the weapons from WW1, and experience the war on the multiple fronts it was fought in.

Tannenberg is available the be played for free this weekend only, so experience it now!

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The offer has expired!

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Published 18 June 2021

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