Stranded in Time


Adventure Hidden Object Point and Click Puzzle

In Stranded in Time, you play as Olivia, a young woman from a big city who joins her uncle Peter and writer Nick in exploring an old abandoned church in the woods. Little did they know that within the church hides a secret beyond their wildest dreams! And only you can find the key to an enigma that is older than history itself!

Stranded In Time takes you back to the good old days of graphic point-and-click adventure games, where the game’s story takes the driver’s seat. Delivered in a vibrant atmosphere of a graphic novel, this game offers you a relaxed experience and a fascinating sci-fi story that you can pick through at a pace you personally choose. Solve puzzles, explore locations, hunt for various items and see how Olivia gets to the bottom of an unexpected mystery. It’s simple, fun and very entertaining!

So don’t hesitate and jump on an adventure of a lifetime with Stranded In Time!

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Published 08 April 2021

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