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What is Silver Tale?

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Silver Tale is a fast paced match 3 game that is suitable for any players. With an exciting storyline centered around a medieval adventure to save your king, there are many facets to this game that you may find enjoyable.

There are also other gameplay elements mixed in, with resource management and time management being a huge part of the game too. Don't run your horse to the ground!


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Why do we recommend Silver Tale?

Challenging yet fun Match 3 gameplay

In Silver Tale, the match 3 gameplay gets increasingly difficult with each board you clear. Yet with increasing difficulty comes power-ups that can aid you tremendously.

Being able to juggle the tough obstacles as well as knowing the optimal time to use the powerful bombs and power-ups is the key to proceed in this exciting game.

Exciting plot that will keep you on the edge!

In Silver Tale, you are tasked with finding a way to cure your king, whose health is in a critical condition. As his loyal subject, it has come to your attention that the rare herbs that are needed can only be found in a mystical cavern, and this will not be a walk in the park.

On this match three3 journey, there are many factors for you to consider, all of which requires you to be mindful of how much time you can risk. Ultimately, can you acquire the herbs and get back to your king before it is too late?

Popularity that shines through!

Silver Tale is a popular match 3 game that can be found on many other platforms such as Steam. However, you can get the free unlimited version right here at GameTop too!

Besides its popularity on other platforms that may require payment, Silver Tale is also popular and well-received in GameTop itself. It is one of the highly rated match 3 games, with 4.3/5 stars shining right at you, and it has been downloaded and played by many!

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Silver Tale is a fun match 3 game set in the medieval times, popular and highly-regarded by those who have played it. If you are interested in match 3 games, this is a game that is definitely worth a try.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit that download button and enjoy!


Download Game Free

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Published 01 September 2021

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