Saving the Princess in Reverse

It is like a strange case of deja-vu. You have already finished the game, now you have to un-play it.

Almost certainly there is no game like Spoiler Alert around. At first look the game is just like any typical platform jumper but the trick is that all the coins have already been collected, the princess saved and the bad guys defeated. In other words, to play this game, you need to play everything in reverse.

The storyline starts with the end first, so this would be the last boss fight right before you save the princess. But the real question is how all this started, and why the princess had to be saved in the first place? Spoiler Alert is good fun and has a hundred levels that will keep you entertained for a long time. Once you get the hang of it, the game is really funny and full of comic moments.

The game features beautiful hand drawn cartoon style graphics that fit the platform genre perfectly. The main character is a red hot chili pepper, the animation is top-notch, and the mariachi style soundtrack is created by Roland La Goy. All of this makes the game a really wacky experience for everyone who enjoys funny games. If you have ever played the famous Super Mario Brothers games, this is definitely going to be an interesting game for you.

Spoiler Alert includes about a hundred unique levels in four different game worlds. Each level is fairly short to complete, so you can play this game even just little bit at the time. Most of the levels are quite easy to figure out, but some might take a few more tries to get it right.

The actual gameplay is simple but at the same time somewhat mind-twisting affair. Once you start playing towards the beginning of each level, you will notice that some enemies have been defeated, some coins collected and some which are not. The idea is to play in such a way that you do not create a time paradox.

In other words, you must not collect a coin that was not collected before or jump over an enemy that is in full health. It all sounds very complicated, but in reality it is not that difficult since the chili pepper knight moves automatically and you just have to figure out the timing of jumps and other actions to match the past.

Spoiler Alert is totally unique game in a very popular genre of games. This single-player wacky platformer have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from gamers and is available completely free of charge now on Gametop.


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