Hidden Objects in Space and Saving a Planet

Embark on an epic space journey and see if you can save everyone from total destruction on Space Legends. Check out the video below.

If you are familiar with hidden object games, a big proportion of the storylines revolve around some ancient mystery and very few are taking place in the modern world. Space Legends is a welcome change to this since this amazing space thriller is obviously taking place in the future and totally different universe. It is up to you to continue with the breathtaking expedition and make sure a faraway planet is saved from total destruction.

Space Legends takes the player on an epic journey through the galaxy. A routine space mission turns into something very different when the main characters realize a faraway planet is on a collision course with a speeding comet. Everyone will perish on the planet if the comet cannot be stopped or everyone transported away from the planet. The problem is that the only functioning transport ship is not in working order. The main characters Elizabeth and Steve need to solve all the puzzles, mini-games and more to save everyone from destruction.

The graphics on Space Legends are beautifully hand drawn and are full of detail. Each hidden object scene provides a real challenge as the backgrounds are not what you might be used to in this genre. After all, foreign planets and alien spaceships are something most of us are not familiar with. The alien planet has an interesting mix of scenes which range from the science-fiction as you might expect, to scenes that resemble more of medieval fantasy. The engaging story ties all these different atmospheres together though. The soundtrack is really catch you might get stuck in your head for days after playing the game.

Space Legends is something you would call a 2nd generation hidden object game. It is not just finding an object in a messy scene, but you need to use your brain to figure out how to get the missing pieces. Often you need to think in terms of sequences. For example, if you need a target with a bullet hole, you would first have to find the gun, then the bullets, load the gun and shoot at a target.

Most of the items are very important to the plot and you actually cannot experience the whole story without solving the puzzles. Most casual gamers would find the puzzles in Space Legends challenging, but not too difficult. There is an option to skip a puzzle if you really can't solve it or you can use the hint button to point you to the right direction.

If you are looking for a unique hidden object game with a cool storyline and challenging puzzles, Space Legends is guaranteed to fit the bill. There is a lot to explore in this game and the best part is how the puzzles, hidden object scenes are everything else is tied right into the storyline. Make sure you download this intergalactic drama on your computer as it is available free of charge from Gametop.


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