Saving the World from Zombie Monsters

Invention 2 continues the story of the original Invention. The first part had you waking up on the beach of a tropical island and venturing deep down into an underground bunker only to find hordes of enemies that had mutated into horrible monsters. After completing Invention part one, you will find that the infection had spread throughout the world making cities filled with the same monsters. As before, you will need your shooting skills to get rid of the zombies and other infected creatures.

If you think the original Invention was spooky, wait until you have played Invention 2. There is something very scary about walking in a city that has been completely wiped clean of normal life. The only thing left are the monsters who are out to get you. Invention 2 is very similar to the original version, but the the biggest difference between the two games is that now you will be hunting zombies in an open urban environment. You will still have the same RPG elements and inventory management as before and the controls are the same too. If you have not played Invention part one, in a nutshell the game is a 3D first-person shooter where you will be getting rid of some infected monsters. As with most 3D shooters, you will use the mouse primarily to shoot and change the direction of where the main character is looking. Keyboard is used to control the character movement and other actions. Since the zombies and monsters are not very smart in general, it makes sense to use the environment to your benefit. For example, you can force the enemies into a narrow corridor where there is less likelihood getting surrounded by the blood-thirsty monsters. On more open areas, the best tactic is to make use of heavier weapons available. The game is all about survival since you need to be constantly looking for more weapons and ammunition. As you might expect, the graphics are upgraded from first episode of Invention. The environments are also much bigger and give more freedom to explore. If you think the original Invention was creepy, now the monsters are even more scary, especially when they are running straight at you and your gun is malfunctioning. The soundtrack is haunting as before and really adds a tremendous amount to the overall atmosphere. You will definitely feel disturbed if you are playing this game with headphones at night. The Invention 2 trailer video on Steam describes the game as zombie aggression action fps, and we feel this is put very accurately. This FPS game is not about long storylines or endless puzzles, but pure and straight action for those who are fans of this genre. The inventory management and RPG elements create another layer to the game making it more complex than what it might look on screenshots or short gameplay videos. Download Invention 2 if you are not afraid of the zombie monsters.


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