Santa's Monster Shootout

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Amidst the serene snowy valleys, the jingling Christmas bells resonate, and Santa Claus is diligently preparing gifts for the joyous holiday season. Everything seems ordinary for a December day, but this year holds a chilling twist. Unbeknownst to many, an army of monsters and zombies from across the globe has set its sights on the precious gift packages, craving them with insatiable hunger. They desire it all, and they want it immediately.

However, Santa possesses more than just a magical sack of presents and a sleigh. He wields formidable weaponry, powerful enough to vanquish unending waves of these malevolent creatures, all in the relentless pursuit of safeguarding the holiday spirit. Will you join forces with Santa to purge the world of this sinister menace and ensure that our holidays remain blissful?

How to Play:

The primary weapon has infinite ammo, it is not very strong but always available.

Shoot as many enemies you can to earn money for purchasing new pistols, guns and refill ammo in the shop.

Pick up ammo clips and health packages to keep you alive while playing a level. On each level, you must fight against a big end monster to go to the next level. From level to level the game gets harder.

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Published 29 May 2023

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