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What type of game is this?

Royal Adventure is a turn-based adventure role-playing game filled with good old-school RPG nostalgia. In this turn-based top-down game, you'll need to carefully calculate how many tiles you can move while staying out of your enemies' attack range. Utilize choke points and other environmental tactics to emerge victorious!

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The Story

Lost in the remote outskirts of civilization, the village of Midgard holds many secrets. Deep beneath the village is the Dungeon, within which hordes of monsters dwell, a challenge reminiscent of classic Windows 8 games. Every lunar eclipse, the evil powers within the Dungeon stirs and works the monsters into a frenzy, forcing them to the surface. To prevent evil from running rampant, a protector of the lands will always descend into the depths of the Dungeon when the time comes. He will serve as Midgard’s bulwark against the forces of evil.

However, the Guardian of Midgard has gone missing in action since the last lunar eclipse. This time around, it’s you, a brave and valiant knight, who will step up and be the Guardian. What kind of friends will you meet on your way? Who will rise with you shoulder to shoulder against the forces of evil, much like in the epic adventures of Windows 8 games? Who will accompany you all the way to the end - from the blossoming hill of Midgard to the dark heart of the Dungeon? Can you prevail against the overwhelming forces of evil?

How is it played?

You will be plunged into a turn-based tactical game where survival depends on your every move. Count your steps and avoid getting surrounded by your enemies – that will most definitely spell your doom! You can also acquire equipment and potions to aid you in your quest forward. Strategize what you equip and use to increase your chances of survival.

There are also different types of heroes for you to choose from and specialize in. You can be a sturdy warrior, a flighty bowman, a destructive mage, and more. Each hero class has its own characteristics to suit your playstyle. There are also many characters for you to develop, and 150 types of equipment for you to experiment with. To the adventurous player, there are also multiple quests spread over 50 unique levels for you to fully explore the game.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

While it may take a while to get used to the unique battle system in Royal Adventure, the immersive storyline, wonderful graphics, and enchanting music, as well as realistic sound effects, make playing this game well worth the effort!

If you love a good adventure game, this is one that we strongly recommend. The tutorial is deceptively simple, but the actual gameplay will require a bit more effort to master! With its old school charm and point and click playstyle, this is a game that will surely delight you.

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Published 21 November 2023

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