Rocket League

Engage in the adrenaline-pumping world of Rocket League, an online action game with a twist of vehicular soccer that takes excitement to the next level. Customize your vehicle to your heart's content and dive headfirst into the thrilling online arena! Whether you prefer going solo or teaming up with friends, Rocket League offers a variety of match modes, including Rumble, Snow Day, and Hoops, to satisfy your competitive spirit.

Challenge yourself with weekly and season-length tasks to earn stylish customization items in the exciting world of driving games! Immerse yourself in adrenaline-pumping tournaments that cater to your skill level, giving you the chance to compete freely and reap big rewards. But that's not all – don't overlook the Limited Time Events that grant you exclusive festive items just for playing. Plus, with cross-platform progression, you have the freedom to share your loot, skill ranking, and more across all the platforms you play on.

Unleash your creativity with unparalleled customization options, which you can unlock through completing challenges, indulging in shopping sprees at the item store, or crafting blueprints. It's time to take the wheel of these high-octane cars in this car game and make your shot at glory. Don't wait any longer; the action awaits!

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Published 24 September 2020

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