Revisit Hidden Object curses and mysteries in Legacy: Witch Island 2!

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What is this game about?

Legacy Witch Island 2 is a Hidden Object game that is a sequel to Legacy: Witch Island Origin . In it, you return to a magical island to defeat once and for all the evil witch that has hunted you since you were a child.

This will also be a hidden object story about love, betrayal, and redemption!

Adjustable difficulty levels that aids you with your hidden object goals!

Gameplay wise, this is an object finding game. You go from stage to stage, interacting with everything you can and picking up diverse objects.

Sometimes you need to combine said objects, but most of the time you need them to unlock areas and puzzles. The true meat of the game is in these puzzles, since there are not two that are alike and they can get very challenging. If you are particularly stuck, you can always wait for the skip button to recharge so you can get away from doing it, however half the fun is figuring out these things yourself.

One recurring type of puzzle is the list of objects, where you are treated to a very detailed render of an area in the game, filled to the brim with objects. You have a list of objects that you need to find by clicking on them, and if the name is colored then that means you need to do more steps before you get the thing.

Completing these sections rewards you with a single object, and during the game you will need to do the same section multiple times as new items get unlocked. If you get lost and are unsure of where to go, you can check your journal since it details your adventures up to the present time.

If you need the extra help, however, there is the Hint button represented by your animal friend, whose animations are detailed and adorable. This help changes on cooldown durations according to the difficulty you chose at the start of the game, with easy being almost instantaneous and expert taking a long, long time.

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Continue where you left off!

The story ties back heavily to the first installment, but if you have not played it you will have a brief summary as you start the game. You are the princess of this magical realm, yet you grew up in the modern world because your mother was escaping an evil witch.

Said witch has finally caught up with you, and even tries to kill you. In the first game, you thwart her plans and escape, yet you lose your lover in the fight. In the end, you wake up in our bed thinking it was a dream, yet it was not so: you are washed away into the island once more, yet this time via mermaid magic.

The witch is even surprised to see you again, since she was wreaking havoc in your absence. Now that you are back, you must put an end to her machinations and see if you can find what truly happened to your beloved.

Intricate details and background sceneries that adds depth to the game

This game is incredibly beautiful and imaginative. The premise of being in a magical place is used to its fullest, making each screen more fantastical than the next. The color palette is bright and cheerful, even when dealing with monsters and villains.

Everything pops in such a way that it is very pleasant to the eye. Most characters are made in a realistic manner, using a technique that draws over pictures of real people. The result is very expressive and gorgeous characters to interact with, all of them fully voice acted. The only non-realistic character is your sidekick, since he is a plush crocodile that comes to life.

The areas and backgrounds are very detailed, and even when you are not solving a puzzle it is hard to not just gaze at the horizon, wondering if you will go there next. There are even 3D cutscenes as you advance through the stages, and these renders maintain the same quality as the rest of the game.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Legacy Witch Island 2 is a magical adventure filled with spells, creatures and other fantastical goods that will have you wondering what lies on the next screen.

For fans of fairy tales and mystery games, this is a must, yet it is still a very solid game beyond its visuals and theme. Puzzles will test your brain might just enough to want to solve them, but not so much that you would just wait for the skip button.

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Published 06 June 2023

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