Revel in Match 3 fun with Jewel Match Naturescapes!

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What is Jewel Match Naturescapes?

Jewel Match Naturescapes is a captivating addition to the world of free online match 3 games, immersing players in a nature-themed wonderland where the goal is not only to match jewels but also to construct a breathtaking kingdom nestled in the heart of the wild. Dive into the serenity of nature and embark on your journey to create a kingdom that's truly your own!
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Why do we recommend Jewel Match Naturescapes?

Idyllic nature landscapes for your enjoyment!

The landscapes in Jewel Match Naturescapes can be built and customized as you wish. Liking a certain type of flower? Plant it wherever you want! Impressed by this majestic tree? Get it then!

There are so many ways to explore the wondrous naturescapes in this beautiful game that you can get lost in its beauty!

Hundreds of sprawling levels!

This match 3 game is as vast and expansive as it is beautiful. With over 120 sprawling levels to enjoy and conquer, there will never be a dull moment in this game.

There are also 3 different game modes to suit your playstyle! Depending on your level of comfort with match 3 gameplay, you could enjoy it in timed, relaxed, or moves-limited mode, as well as 2 difficulty settings - normal or veteran.

Mini games galore and unlockable wallpapers!

With its focus on the alluring nature, Jewel Match Naturescapes is a type of jewel games that is highly aesthetically appealing. With this in mind, the developers have included various mini-games that explore the beautiful landscapes that are so prominently featured, and there are also downloadable wallpapers for your desktop!

What better way to celebrate the fruits of your labor than to frame it up as your desktop background?

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

This highly replayable game will delight you! Come on board this match 3 game and experience for yourself why so many have reveled in it. From its exciting match 3 gameplay elements to its aesthetic appeal, this well-made game is yours to download for free and enjoy.

Build your own naturescapes and appreciate nature in a deeper way!

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Published 10 July 2023

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