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Years ago an alien plant scattered spores through the planet. This has caused the flora and fauna to mutate. Years have passed and the remaining survivors have gotten used to the new world. Follow the story of Isak, Kaeo and Ola, members of a group of survivors settled on the underground of a city.

Regenesis is a tactical RPG game. You, the player, have control over three different and customizable units. You will need to gear up in your base and equip your units with a variety of equipment. When you feel that you are ready, choose a mission and start the hunt! When you get into the mission you will fight against powerful mutated animals. Each hunt will be different, adaptation is the key if you want to survive.

To top it all, Regenesis uses a dynamic timeline system to decide the order of turns. When the turn of a hunter starts you will have to choose your actions wisely. At the end of a turn the unit goes back to the start of the timeline and starts moving at different speeds. The speed will change depending on the number and the actions it has performed.

What makes Regenesis unique?

  • There are not rigid turns, instead turns are ordered dynamically in the timeline.
  • Fight against powerful mutated creatures to survive.
  • Customize your hunters to fit your playstyle.

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Published 31 May 2023

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