Pogglewash is a casual 3rd person platformer and shooter. You play as DIPPER, a robot who’s sent to an alien planet named Pogglerock, home to the Pogglewonks, Gloons, and Wubaroos. Unfortunately, the planet is completely covered in goop, but the Pogglewonks don’t have the hands to clean it with. That’s why DIPPER’s mission is to clean it up with his water gun! DIPPER cleans his way through and restores this beautiful alien landscape, helping and being helped by the Pogglewonks in turn, and receiving shiny star-shaped crystals for his efforts. Just be careful around those idyllic shores! Robots aren’t very good at swimming, after all.

  • Engaging 3rd person platforming and shooting
  • Vibrant tropical islands to explore
  • Dynamic level music
  • The Adorable Pogglewonks
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Published 24 May 2023

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