Get Ready to Rumble

Do you like monster trucks and racing? Check out the exclusive Off-Road Super Racing. Available only from Gametop

Off-Road Super Racing Gameplay Video

In the world of car games, there are several subcategories ranging from monster trucks to driving a forklift in a warehouse. The range is huge, and there is definitely something for everyone, even if racing games is not your favorite category. We at Gametop know that our users love all kinds of racing games, and Off-Road Super Racing is for those enjoy their racing games fast and full of action. The game features six unique tracks and five cars to choose from. Each car can be then individually tuned in terms of speed, acceleration, suspension and control. The trick is to find a balance between these attributes because speed without control leads to chaos.

Suspension will help you with the jumps and acceleration obviously getting your car moving in the first place. Each car also has a nitro boost tank capacity and effectiveness. You will be using the nitro to gain a temporary boost over your competitors. A good tactic would be to utilize the nitro in steep hills or you could use it to race past on a long straight part of the track. In the end, it is up to you how you want to play. Some prefer more speed and less control if they are very capable of steering the vehicle themselves.

Gameplay Modes

The game revolves around a championship mode where you will slowly progress towards the gold medal, but there is also an option to just play individual races to get a feel for the game. You might want to try playing single races first and only then to progress into the championship league. Please note that you are not able to upgrade your car in the single race mode. Each car can be customized in terms of looks as well. Select the color scheme and patterns to your liking.

Graphics and AI

The tracks have a good range of different terrains ranging from snow covered mountain peaks to the hot desert. This game certainly delivers when it comes to modern graphics and sound effects. After all, if you are driving a monster truck racing car, it better sound like one. While there is no multiplayer mode, the competitive computer AI will make sure you will have enough of the challenge on each race. Most races are not easy and the computer drivers are actively trying to crash into you or push out of the track so be prepared. This game is full of small nice touches that are often lacking in other racing games. For example, the physics engine is quite accurately modeling the behavior of your car on the road. This means that you can really feel the difference when upgrading the different aspects of the car. The graphics are full of small details as well; the car leaves skid marks on track and the ground raises dust when you race through the rough terrain.

Off-Road Super Racing Verdict

While we have several good racing games here at Gametop, Off-Road Super Racing is one of the more modern games with fast 3D graphics and addictive gameplay. City Racing is still the number one in terms of popularity, but it is a totally different type of car game anyway. Check out Off-Road Super Racing if you prefer games that are laser focused in the core gaming mechanics.


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