My Land!

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you were born a few centuries ago? The game My Land! comes to the rescue with a scenario that could have happened to you. This is a strategy game where your mission is to expand your land and at the same time defend it.

A beautiful sunny day, the castle in the middle of the town, you with the crown on your head walking on a thoroughbred horse... what could be more beautiful than this in this story? And here it comes... The town is invaded by enemies. Take off the pink glasses, prepare your army, collect coins to improve the barracks, and withstand the blow! Confirm once again who is the king in this area!

Game features:

  • X3 costs for coins/stone/wood
  • Timing for the invasion
  • Expand your territory
Available Now! Click here to claim My Land!
Published 12 June 2023

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