Mesmerizing Match 3 fun: MatchVentures


What is this game about?

MatchVentures is a match 3 game which is also a role-playing game with adventure elements. In this game, you can collect resources and restore the abandoned castle to its former glory!

But it is not as simple as it sounds. Many secrets lay hidden, threatening to spring at you at your slightest missteps. Besides the strong focus on match 3 gameplay, MatchVentures will also prove to be a challenging puzzler for everyone.

Why do we recommend MatchVentures?

As the theme of the game is refurbishing and rebuilding an abandoned castle, the spooky atmosphere really sets the tone for how this match 3 game is played and enjoyed. In this aspect, the game developers have spared no efforts in ensuring a spooky and immersive experience for all the players!

From the gameboard design, which has various skulls and potions/bombs that have to be combined, to the background graphics and the seemingly eternal mist surrounding the Cliffmont castle itself, and to the creepy sound effects and background music, it may become hard for you to separate from game and real life as everything within the game is so immersive.

Besides the setting, even the pieces and tiles on your match 3 board are lovingly created with much details, and they are also animated to shine, shimmer, and flicker as you ponder your next move.

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Unique match 3 gameplay mechanics!

In MatchVentures, you may encounter obstacles such as tiles encased in ice or shrouded by cobwebs, which render them immobile or unsolvable at that point. How can you proceed then?

This is when a little bit of logical thinking is required, on top of your tingling match 3 senses! Look around for solutions in other grids or tiles. For example, you can dig up a magical fire potion that melts away the ice, or an enchanted wind spell that blows away the cobwebs.

This is among many other wonderful gameplay features that makes MatchVentures stand out!

Gripping storyline, fun characters, and mini games galore!

As you play on and clear each match 3 board, the story progresses. Performing well grants extra treasure and gold into your inventory, in which the bulk of it is given to Finley, a leprechaun who will help you to rebuild the castle with his team of dwarves.

Gold can also be spent on powerful items like bombs, which can help you clear specific parts of the match 3 board. Additional gold can also be earned by matching pieces following a specific pattern given per level, and this will be made known to you when you start the board.

As you can imagine, gold is going to be your best friend and most valuable resource when it comes to refurbishing your castle as well as clearing the match 3 game boards (as you can buy the bombs to clear some parts of the match 3 board as mentioned earlier). To help you with earning more gold, MatchVentures also includes optional minigames!

We won't go into too much details here as there are many fun mini games included, but rest assured that even if you don't clear your match 3 board well and can't earn the maximum gold, it's not a death sentence! You can always make up for it in the optional mini games.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

MatchVentures is perfect for casual players looking for an extra challenge in their match 3 games. It is indeed a unique blend of innovations and other gameplay mechanics, and matches (pardon the pun) welcomed elements from adventure games to enhance its own gameplay.

Looting, exploring, fighting, and saving the kingdom also adds to the game's context and urgency, and will keep you at the edge of your seat looking to play on.

Also, the many great reviews and popularity of the game throughout many platforms also shows that this is a great match 3 game that should not be missed! So what are you waiting for? Download and try it out now!

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Published 16 November 2022

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