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What is Cradle of Rome 2 about?

Have you ever thought about the times of the past? Do your thoughts swirl around ancient civilizations, of how people lived back then? What trades they were occupied with, and how did they manage to erect entire towns and cities?

Rome, before it rose to the level of a leading economical, military, and political force in the medieval world, was but a mish mash of numerous farms and villages. What if you were given the chance to step into the shoes of a Roman architect in a story-driven and beautifully crafted puzzle game, and build your metropolis from scratch?

Cradle of Rome 2 does just that! It is free match 3 game in which your main goal is to transform a small settlement into the beating heart of Roman civilization. Read on to find out more about the details and gameplay elements that makes this game so immersive!

Resource management and match 3 gameplay combined!

Once you have started the game, you will find yourself on an empty sea of grass. Here, you must populate this serene landscape with various houses, workshops, markets, temples, and gladiator pits, as well as other amenities.

To build these structures, you will need resources like wood, stone, food, water, and tools. However, when you run out of these resources, you won't have to engage in traditional methods like picking, chopping, or mining. Instead, you can gather resources in a more enjoyable way - by playing match 3 games!

To collect these valuable resources, simply match 3 or more tiles by strategically switching the positions of neighboring tablets. While this may seem straightforward, it requires careful planning for several reasons. Firstly, the tablets can only be aligned vertically and horizontally (not diagonally!), and the more tiles you shatter in a single move, the greater the bonus you'll receive.

Throughout this engaging adventure, always keep in mind the main goal - collecting the items placed on top of dark blue marble tablets before the timer runs out. Just like your favorite Windows 7 games, this unique blend of strategy and puzzle-solving will keep you immersed in the magical world of the game.

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Great power ups and special abilities!

As the game progresses, you will acquire a plethora of well-designed special abilities that will help you shatter tablets and gather resources quicker!

For example, to break locked marble tablets, you will need to use the hammer ability on it. In other scenarios, you may get a bonus item in the form of a crossroads symbol, which can be placed on any neighboring tablets to shatter them immediately.

Ultimately, throughout the course of the match 3 boards, we recommend you to combine efficiency with speed in order to gather as many resources as possible and acquire a reasonable amount of bonus points before the level ends.

To do this, try to go for the dark-blue marble tablets first and combine as many items as you can. This way, you can balance resource acquisition as well as the time you have left.

Building and making full use of your resources!

With baskets and carriages full of wood, stone, tools, and herbs, you are now ready to build Rome. But as the saying goes, Rome was not built in just one day, and you will also need blueprints!

Blueprints? Who creates the blueprints? That's right, you are the city architect and it's your responsibility to draw the blueprints!

To create a blueprint for a building you wish to construct, you will be guided to a small mini-game screen where you will have to combine several mosaic pieces in a limited time. When successful, you will create a working blueprint to construct your buildings with!

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

This no internet games, with its Roman architecture, graphics, and sound effects makes the title pleasant to both your ears and your eyes.

Cradle of Rome 2 is a game with a soul, and the producers have put great care in to make sure that players are given plenty of elements to interact with. With more than 100 levels to explore, various buildings to erect, and a trip back in time to experience, it is impossible to get bored in this game!

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Published 12 June 2023

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