Escape the Intergalactic police on the Red Planet

Did you know that you can become a well-respected, reputable and famous trader on Mars and be incredibly rich in the process? All these is courtesy of the amazing new game that has hit our PC's recently known as the Martian Transporter.

Are you a fan of cunning economic strategies? Or is it dangerous racing that tickles your fancy? Either way, it is high time you played the one space game that can easily tell you if you're smart and skillful enough to be a feared merchant in Mars! And before you dismiss this as just hogwash, remember that it is not as it sounds on paper because of the presence of dozens of intergalactic settlers, ( like you lol ) who are dying to destroy you for threatening to interfere with their business. We all know about cut-throat competition and how business rivalry is bred, right? Perfect.

Now remember that your chief aim is not to just to get filthy rich here, but also to survive as well. After all, there is no use to being rich while dead! And speaking of which, you can be very sure that the Martian police, your opponents, and your business rivals will be hunting you day-in-day-out. Transporting weapons is, after all, no easy-peasy task.

Fortunately, with this regard, you spaceship is your fortress and so you shouldn't forget to upgrade or repair it in time - just as you would with a real tank. In other words, your tank/ship will be your second home. That is if you make the mistake of getting addicted to this game. And make no mistake fellas, this game right here is highly addictive!

If you're already lost or struggling to connect the dots here then have it at the back of your mind at the beginning of the game - immediately after registering your trading company - you will as well be given a small amount of money to purchase your first spaceship. Make sure you choose wisely, as there are typically hundreds of them and it is imperative to buy the right machine.

Goofy, but not so Goofy Names. Just like most warcraft games out there, your ships will have their own names such as Basilisk, Artic, Mirage, Glider, Godfly among another assortment of such strange sounding names. It's, however, up to decide what ship to buy with your limited coins. Just a spoiler, though. Most highly durable ships have the tendency of having low top speeds. So, of course, you might have a herculean-like ship but on the downside, it could have the top-speed of a snail. Well, in this case, you can already guess what will happen; the Martian police will be onto you even before your first round trip.

Again, it's not just about how fast you can go. A very fast ship, on the other hand, will most likely than not be plagued with poor handling and maneuverability. So choose wisely mates!

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade. Once you earn some money, for instance, after completing your first mission, don't be so quick to squander it. Be wise, buy better ships such as Cyclops and Frog. Those are enough tips for today. Download this thriller now and let's meet in Mars!


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