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Fishdom: Spooky Splash is a match 3 game similar to others in the Fishdom series. But this time, true to its name, there is a spooky Halloween element to the game.

If you have not tried any of the Fishdom games, here's a short introduction to get you up to speed. In this game, you get to have your very own customizable fish tank or aquarium, and you can decorate it and add all sorts of fishy friends in it!

Can you show off your skill in solving match 3 puzzles and get the resources you need to build a beautiful fish tank?


Classic match 3 gameplay with many twists and incentives!

As a match 3 game, the gameplay is not altogether too different from other match 3 games! For starters, it uses the traditional rules, and your goal is to match 3 or more identical tiles to make them disappear.

If you manage to connect more than 3 tiles, there is a chance that you would create a combo, which allows you to summon bombs and other power-ups that can help you clear the level faster.

Yet here is where Fishdom: Spooky Splash differs from other match 3 games. Your goal is not to simply clear everything in the level! Why? This is because there is an infinite amount of tiles falling constantly whenever you clear the board.

So instead of simply trying to "brute force" your way through every stage by clearing all the tiles, you will have to focus on your objective. What is that, exactly? Your goal is to clear the golden tiles, which are scattered across the level. Find them, and then plan out how you intend to clear them according to the situation.

It is pretty challenging, but the strategization required does make each game board way more fulfilling to complete!


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Beautiful Halloween-themed art!

The art style of Fishdom: Spooky Splash is what really sets it apart from most of its predecessors. While there are lots of ordinary decorations and fishes (those that you may find familiar from other Fishdom games), there are also spookier ones in store!

Be it skeletons, pumpkins, or even witches hats, you name it, this game has it! In this game, Halloween is not just a special occasion. It is part of the everyday!

In fact, there are even skeletal fishes for you to befriend, and these are hidden away in the dark corners of the shop. Blink and you may miss it, so keep your eyes peeled for these special fishes!

However, despite all these creepy elements, we have to say that this game can be played by everyone and it isn't as scary or macabre as it sounds. This is because the game draws only from the more playful aspects of modern Halloween.

While there are ghosts and witches, they are still cartoonish and whimsical, and all created in the name of good fun. This is, after all, still a fish tank that you could possibly imagine having in your own home, and it remains a very family friendly game too!


Amazing decorations and high customizability!

Let's talk more about the amazing decorations and fishes. There are many species of fishes (both real and made-up) which you can add to your tank. Decorations can also be further classified between "decorations" and "comfort", and each classification has its own quirks and characteristics.

For items that are classified as "comfort" items, you can place them anywhere in the tank, in any amount you deem fit! These are mostly plants, and this makes sense as plants to increase the comfort of your fishes, giving your fish tank a more natural feel that can remind your fishes of its natural habitat!

These plants are also aesthetically appealing. While some are plain like the classic algae, some plants are also given a life of its own. In keeping with the Halloween theme, certain plants have a spooky touch to them!

As for the items that are classified as "decoration", these are objects that have the biggest Halloween look and feel. You can only put a limited number per fish tank - any more than the limit and your fish tank will look too cluttered, which is why the game will not allow you to do so.

With this distinction in decorations between "decorations" and "comfort" items in mind, what exactly is the point in building a beautiful fish tank?

For your viewing pleasure of course! Have we missed out on the fact that these fishes and your fish tank are fully 3D? The game comes with a "watch" mode, in which you can simply enjoy your tank without all the other options cluttering up the screen.

In this mode, you can fully appreciate the fruits of your labor and enjoy the beautiful tank you created.


Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Fishdom: Spooky Splash is a beautifully made match 3 game with lots of customizability and fun gameplay. As you build up your own aquarium, you can enjoy the great view and beautiful sights you are creating!

Come and enjoy this family friendly, yet slightly edgy/spooky game today!

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Published 26 October 2021

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