Experience A Heartwarming Tale of Destiny in Love Story: Spirit of Wandering

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What type of game is this?

Love Story: Spirit of Wandering is a hidden object game and a love story at the same time. It is a game filled with equal parts mystery and horror that will require you to sift through various hauntingly beautiful scenes to locate precious objects that can help you find your crew and eventually, your lover himself.

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The Story

You are about to wed the captain of the ship, your lover. But the ghastly crew of the Flying Dutchmen descended upon your ship in the dark of the night, taking away everyone but you. You awoke to an empty ship, and have to locate the ghosts of your crew and break the curse before it becomes permanent!

Follow the clues and the voyage as you locate individual members of your crew and find the objects they hold dear. You will have to get closer to your cursed crew and understand them better before you can discover the required items to progress - something that isn't too difficult as your character has always been a considerate crew member who listens to everything.

How is it played?

This is an engaging point and click hidden object game, with helpful elements mixed in to spice things up a little. For every item you find successfully, you accumulate gold that can be used in case you are stuck and require hints. Make sure to scrutinize every nook and cranny before you use that last resort! Once you have found the prized possession of the crew member in question, you will unlock the next destination, the next crew member to understand better, and more clues and hints on how to undo the curse and be reunited with your lover.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

While Spirit of Wandering has a strong focus on the supernatural and some horror elements, this mystery love story game is absolutely enchanting and satisfying to complete. Can you save your crew and reunite with your lover? Come and test your skills in finding hidden objects with this game now!

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Published 31 August 2023

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