Cursed and Forgotten

Sailing on uncharted waters and ending up in a prison on a strange island. What more could go wrong in Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed and Forgotten

The modern hidden object games are a combination of clever puzzles and storytelling. Lost Lagoon 2 is a beautiful example of a such game that keeps you entertained for hours. It is almost like reading a good book with the exception that your actions change the story as you go along.

Lost Lagoon 2 storyline revolves around getting shipwrecked to a mysterious island but the after a while you will realized there is much more to understand and experience if you are to escape. If waking up cursed in a prison is not enough, the original people of the island are out to get you as well and your arm has a strange tattoo inked into it. The second installment of the of Lost Lagoon series really takes the player on a wild journey through mysterious island.

The graphics on Lost Lagoon 2 are beautifully handcrafted. The hidden object scenes are full of amazing details and the whole cursed island feels alive. The graphics are not just eye-candy, but you need to use the visual cues in order to solve most puzzles.

Sometimes when solving a particularly challenging puzzle, it helps to keep in mind the proverb: "can't see the forest for the trees" which means the solution mind be just there right in front of your eyes if you know how to look. The music and sound effects play very good to set the mood of a tropical island.

Any hidden object game is judged by the quality and originality of the puzzles, on top of an amazing storyline of course. Lost Lagoon 2 is a new type of hidden object game where it is not enough just to find items on a scene, but you need to actively use your brain to figure out how to use them creatively. Use the items in your inventory to open locks and solve other various smaller quests.

Lost Lagoon 2: Cursed and Forgotten has been a really popular hidden object game here at Gametop. In fact, the game has been downloaded free for more than 100,000 times already at the time of writing. The game is offered 100% free and without any in-game payments. If you are a fan of good mystery story, then Lost Lagoon 2 would be a perfect game for you. Best of all, most hidden object games can be played just little bit at the time, almost like reading a good book chapter by chapter.


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