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What is Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee about?

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Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee is a time management game in which you play as the titular Jo, a lady who has just returned from an illuminating trip throughout Europe. Jo has decided to make her dream of running a successful coffee shop a reality, and partners with a long time friend to take over the space in a little building to start off.

The game's presentation is also a marvel to look at, and the coffee shop interior can be customized and upgraded to your liking too. The customers are also beautifully animated and varied, with customers fast becoming regulars that you become familiar with.


What makes Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee such a rush to play?

The gameplay in Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee is, to put it bluntly, quite often a frantic and chaotic chase to serve every single customer! As your business progresses, the chaos becomes more pronounced, and the mad scramble to satisfy their orders begin.

How does this work? As a customer enters the shop, you have to click on them to know their order, then click on whatever it is they ordered and then back onto the customer to deliver it. Just a note - much like in real life, no one wants to be given the wrong orders. If you give your customers the wrong order, they will get angry at you, and if you keep them waiting too long or mess up their orders too often, they might just get up and leave!

There are also many different customers that are beautifully animated. As you play for an extended period of time, you may notice that the customers get repeated, but it also adds to the charm of the game! It's almost as if you are getting "regular" customers after all. In fact, there was a certain policeman who seemed to always be the first to enter my shop to get his daily dose of coffee AND chocolate ice cream. Odd combination, but we don't judge in this establishment.

All these varied gameplay, from "regular customers" to mad and chaotic rush to complete orders makes playing the game very fulfilling, because when you get the orders right, the money flows in quickly, and you get a sense of accomplishment.


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Strategizing straight ahead!

Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee is not only a click fest - you also have to strategize your upgrades. You are not only trying to make the place look good, you also want it to be successful. With more business comes more orders! Adding different coffee machines can help you prepare more concoctions and a way larger menu so that more customers will be attracted to your shop.

Besides this, there are also different employees that you can choose to hire - as the boss, you don't have to do everything alone! Your workers can help speed up preparation of meals and beverages, and take the load of serving everyone off you. However, this also comes at a financial cost to you, so there is a fine balancing act here for you to make.

On days where there is heavy customer traffic, you can also choose to give them a raise to incentivize their performance and make your workers work harder! But all that takes a chunk off your bottom line and profitability, so you might want to choose when you wish to do so.

There are many different ways to strategize and optimize your coffee shop, so try it out and experiment for yourself!!

Too much of a hustle? Try the "Relaxed" mode!

We get it. This game can get intense as your coordination skills and memory gets increasingly tested with more customers coming in. Time is also of the essence, as you need to prepare the orders quickly before the customers fume and walk off.

That's why there is a relaxed mode, where clients give you ample time to complete their orders, making this game a more stress-free experience and catering for newcomers to dip their toes in before deciding whether they wish to play the normal mode.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

While Jo's Dream: Organic Coffee might seem deceptively simple as a Diner Dash-styled time management game, it is incredibly charming and requires some degree of strategization too! Whether you want to play for only a short while, or if you're charmed enough to try and get all the achievements, this is a fun time management game for you to enjoy.

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Published 27 September 2022

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