Light of Alariya

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Light of Alariya is an open-world, third-person, exploration puzzle game made by students at SMU Guildhall. In Light of Alariya, you traverse the ancient alien temples and ruins to restore the power of the stars and awaken your sleeping civilization.

Alariya was once a quiet and peaceful desert town. Soothsayers foresaw a terrible storm that would last for centuries, so all the townspeople decided to fall asleep until it passed. However, as the world decayed over time, the ancient temples that focused the power of the stars began to crumble leaving the world’s goddess, Ari, with only enough power to wake up one young hero, Rumi.

With Ari’s help, Rumi must realign the Constellation Crystals in each of Alariya’s three Star Temples to give Ari enough power to wake everyone up. In her exploration, Rumi discovers a series of notes, memories, and murals that help her uncover the mysteries of Alariya.

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Published 12 March 2023

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