Knights of Legends

Knights of Legends is a classic turn-based strategy game which integrates role-playing, strategic fighting, and city construction. Players will experience different campaign scenarios, compete with other players, and challenge the tower of pride. Come and build your own kingdom, recruit powerful troops, and experience the charm of the isometric game!

Game features

  • A total of 31 heroes of the four races can be selected: Each hero has their own skills, troop features, and unique battle style.
  • Each race has 7 levels of units, each unit can be upgraded to a higher level.
  • You can forge different equipment at your will. Some equipment has its own unique terms. The top-level equipment also has a set effect, which can play a role in battle.
  • There are 6 big maps, 36 campaigns, more than 300 battles, and different challenges. According to the player's operation, the strength of each battle opponent will change differently every day. Your choice determines the difficulty of the battle.
  • We also provide urban construction. You can summon heroes, forge equipment, research technology, recruit soldiers and buy market resources.
  • A variety of daily game modes: ranking in the arena, seizing resources, climbing towers, real-time fights, and guild war mode will come soon.
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Published 28 March 2023

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