Indulge in Match 3 fantasies with Secrets of Magic 3: Happy Halloween!

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What is this game about?

Secrets of Magic 3: Happy Halloween is a match 3 game with cute graphics and cartoons that lends itself to the family-friendly aspects of Halloween. This makes the game very family friendly and enjoyable for people of all ages!

While this is the third instalment of the series, there really is no need to have played the previous ones since Victoria will put you up to speed in no time. Other characters from the previous games may show up from time to time, such as Victoria's former teachers who will appear to congratulate her for her graduation, but these are not crucial to the story.

In this game, you will get to help Victoria, as she gets busy earning money to spruce up the decorations for the manor this Halloween. As Halloween is a very important day in witchcraft and lore, this is going to be hard work earning money for all the decorations as each of them can be very expensive.

Solve challenging match 3 puzzles and other mini games and dive right into the spirit of Halloween with her!

Unique match 3 experience!

As a match 3 game, Secrets of Magic 3: Happy Halloween does stick to the traditional match 3 elements. Match 3 identical tiles, and they disappear. If you match more than 3 tiles at a time, this will be considered as a combination and you can get a power-up! And this is where Secrets of Magic 3: Happy Halloween differs from other games..

In terms of power-ups from combinations, you can either get bombs, potions, or even fireworks that can clear plenty of tiles. In this manner, you aren't ever really sure which power-up you are going to get, nor the visual effects to expect, and this keeps the game's aesthetics really fresh.

Besides the different aesthetics, another huge difference that sets Secrets of Magic 3: Happy Halloween apart from other match 3 games is the different goals on each stage. Some of them will have a part of the level hidden until you can get a key to the bottom of the screen. Only then can you see what you need to do to complete the level.

In this manner, the game is always shifting and changing, and the goals and objectives of each stage makes this a multi-faceted game with more depth.

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Earn money and decorate your manor!

The goal of the game is to earn enough money to buy every single decoration for the manor. As you progress along the game, you will unlock more decorations that can be bought.

These decorations are thematic in nature; bats and carved pumpkins, and even a witch's hat! Seeing the manor brought to life by the different decorations is a joy, especially for those who enjoy customizing things.

However, if you are in this game simply to enjoy the main match 3 gameplay, there is no need to pay more attention to this part of the game. We did find that this goal to earn more money for decorations does help keep us motivated to maximize the number of points we earn though!

Aesthetically appealing art style!

Although this is supposed to be a game about the spookiest (and possibly macabre) time of the year, Secrets of Magic 3: Happy Halloween manages to draw on the more playful aspects of the festivity - specifically the trick or treating aspect!

While trick or treating aspect is not exactly a feature of the game, there are many elements in the game that will bring it to mind. For example, prominent bags of candy may be spotted in the background.

Also, although there are no cutscenes in the game, the images and characters are still slightly animated. This brings life to the backdrop, and makes the experience of playing the game much more enjoyable.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Secrets of Magic 3: Happy Halloween is a fun and comfortable adventure that is highly entertaining and great fun to play with, even if it's not the spooky season!

This is a fun and highly replayable game that can be enjoyed any time of the year, and not just during Halloween. Come and indulge in magical fantasies now!

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Published 28 October 2022

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