Goodgame Empire's 2021 Halloween event and bonuses!


Goodgame Empire is a great time management strategy game that lets you pit your wits against other players! In this multiplayer game, there is a lot to do. Build up your city, shore up your defences, amass a huge army, and manage your resources!

In the spirit of Halloween, Goodgame Empire has put together many bonuses, freebies, and not one but two events for new and old players alike! Read on to find out more about the free gift, the Soul Collector event, as well as the Nail-biter event!

Free gifts for new and existing players - 8 October to 2 November

A free gift awaits new and existing players who are above level 6! We shall not dive into too much details on this, but it will definitely be worth your time to log in or start a new game as the gift helps you progress in the game!

Soul Collector event - 22 October to 5 November

Players that have hit Level 10 and above can participate in the Soul Collector event and obtain unique rewards. Eligible players will receive "souls" as a new currency. When players launch a successful attack, they can steal souls from their victims. As you gather more souls and protect your own, the amount of souls at the end of the event will be calculated and translated into rewards!

These rewards can then be kept and used even after the event has ended, so there is a huge incentive for players to do well in this event!

Nail-biter event - 8 October to 2 November

The Nail-biter event is only available to players who have hit level 50. This Halloween themed event ties in with other major in-game events and grants rewards based on your points and ranking - the higher the more powerful your rewards will be!

With so many bonuses in store, what are you waiting for? Get in on the action in this action-packed Halloween month and start playing now!

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Published 23 October 2021

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