Go On A Path of Vengeance and Solve The Mystery of A Murder in Dead Link: Pages Torn

Compelling Story with Layered and Exciting Narratives

3.7 Rating - 137 Votes

As far as the story, it starts with an exciting intro cutscene. You see a young woman running near a cliff, a manor being seen in the distance. At first, it seems like she just went for a stroll in the middle of the night, but as the background music picks up you realize she is being chased. It is unclear who is chasing her, and all we can see is someone with a trench coat, a hat, and a heavily obscured face. This person catches up to her and sedates her, her fate unknown.

As you begin the game properly, you take control of a writer that is invited by her sister to her manor at the coast. You have to take a plane there, and upon arriving things are already not what they seem; the entrance is completely broken down. You make your way past broken gates and electrified water only to find a body lying on the ground; it is your sister, and she is dead. What follows is an intense investigation where you’d never know who to trust.

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Published 07 May 2024

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