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What is this game about?

Viking Saga Epic Adventure is a resource management game where you need to lead a party of Vikings in search of the Stone of Destiny.

This edition marks the third game in the saga, therefore if you want to know the whole story you should know you are missing two previous games - both of which are available on GameTop too!

Humorous art style and fun collectibles!

The game’s art style is very colorful and bright, and while the characters are cartoony, they can still be taken somewhat seriously. Still, the game has plenty of humor sprinkled around the story, so it is not all stoic men making plans.

In terms of the isometric design, every collectable is very distinguishable thanks to their basic shape pattern, something helpful for when you are strategizing your next move. At times, you will be treated to some cutscenes in a storybook style, with a voice acted narrator telling the tale. Since the game already feels like a fairy tale, this is great for setting the mood.

During gameplay, there are also small cutscenes with high quality renders of the characters talking to one another. While they are not voice acted, the different changes in expression give them plenty of personality and the story is easy enough to follow.

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Exciting time management storyline that sticks to the Vikings mythology!

The saga unfolds right after the conclusion of the first game. Our protagonist, the triumphant vanquisher of Loki, the most formidable adversary known to the Vikings, seemed to be on the brink of a fairytale ending. However, fate had other plans.

Our valiant hero was all set to marry a captivating maiden when her father, blinded by avarice, threw down the gauntlet. He challenged our hero to procure the legendary Stone of Destiny - a diamond of unparalleled beauty that no Viking had ever laid eyes on. Unwilling to back down, our hero and his loyal crew gear up for what promises to be a grueling quest.

They sail far beyond familiar waters, venturing further than any Viking had dared before. Months of relentless journeying bring them to an unexpected destination: Pre-Colonial America. Here, they find themselves amidst Aztec tribes who welcome them with open arms and engage in trade.

In their quest for the coveted treasure, they must now rely on the wisdom of local shamans so as not to return home empty-handed. Along this journey, they will not only aid these indigenous people but also stumble upon dark secrets hidden within this ancient land. As you immerse yourself in their adventure, you might find yourself yearning for more strategic challenges. If so, you can explore a variety of free tycoon games that will satisfy your craving for strategy and management.

Great time management gameplay elements!

Gameplay wise, the game tasks you on each stage to reach a number of goals. They usually involve fixing buildings for which you will need enough resources. You start the level with a single worker on your base, and you give him orders to get things or make facilities according to your needs.

As you advance through the mini games, new buildings and upgrades are unlocked, which gives you more things to keep track of and less time to do it. If you play on normal difficulty, getting things done before the timer runs out can be quite tricky. And even if you are not playing with a time limit, the timer is still there for you to try and unlock stars, since they are given to you if you finish a stage as fast as possible. These are used to unlock bonus levels, therefore while you can breeze through the game if you wish, you will miss out on a lot of content.

Your resources are stone, food and gold. Stone actually refers to a wide variety of building materials, which this game keeps in the same category to keep things simple. You can find these resources laying around on the ground, on select respawning points or after clearing rubble.

Yet ideally what you want to do is fix the buildings that make said materials so you can progress more effectively through the stage. You will also find other characters in the map, like a merchant that turns one type of material into another, or a scout that shows you a hidden path if you pay him. It all depends on the goals of the given level.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Viking Saga Epic Adventure is a great Vikings game, filled with cultural data about how they lived back in the day. While the game is certainly fun with plenty of depth, it is mostly recommended for people looking for a Viking story without all the bloodshed.

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Published 26 September 2023

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