Rebuild the famous Gardenscapes Mansion

Return the old mansion to it's former glory in Gardenscapes 2. Watch the video below.

Gardenscapes 2 follows the success of the first installment and this time everything is just bigger and better. You will help Austin the butler in his quest to return the crumbling mansion back to it's former glory by solving fun and sometimes challenging puzzles.

Gardenscapes 2 Mansion Makeover yet another modern hidden objects game with a fun storyline and puzzles to match. The big mansion is filled with hidden objects scenes and by solving them you will earn coins which in turn can be used restore the house one section at a time. It is totally up to you which items you want to purchase and how to decorate the main hall of the mansion. Austin the butler will help you along the way and tell you what to do in each scene.

The hidden object scenes are interesting because you will receive more coins the faster you find the objects. In addition, you can get bonus points if you can find hidden items with just a text description instead of matching them visually. For example you might be given a clue to find "stringed instrument" which could be a guitar, but it could be a violin just as well.

The game is developed by Playrix studios who is known for their high quality hidden object game titles. Gardenscapes 2 is definitely one of their best works in terms of graphics and gameplay. The old mansion looks beautiful and the hidden object scenes are very imaginative. More than three thousand unique items are hidden somewhere in the mansion and that should provide fun entertainment for days if not weeks.

On top of the main hall, you can also customize the garden of the mansion to your liking. Add water features, statues and other items to make it more lively. The items you purchase and place on the main hall are not just eye-candy, but austin will interact with them making the gaming experience even more fun. For example, he might sit down on a sofa watching TV or play a tune with a piano.

Gardenscapes 2 is beautiful hidden object game and a must-have for everyone who is fan of this genre. The fun storyline mixed with the hidden object scenes and other mini-games is something you can enjoy for a long time. The game has an original soundtrack and even an animated screensaver that will feature the Gardenscapes Mansion as you have decorated it.


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