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What is Alexander the Great: Secrets of Power?

Alexander the Great: Secrets of Power is a hidden object game that fuses both the present and the past. It is also a great hidden object puzzle game that is steeped in mysticism and legends! Throughout the course of the game, you will be expected to solve tough, challenging puzzles as you gain a deeper understanding to the fabled ruler himself, Alexander the Great.

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Why do we recommend Alexander the Great: Secrets of Power?

Fantastic hidden object scenes

Set as both a medieval game harkening back to the age of great Kings and expeditions, as well as a game in the present, this hidden object game is one that features the best of both worlds and can transport you away into the realms of legends and mysticism.

This also applies to the hidden object scenes, which are beautifully designed with the chronological sequence in mind. Medieval scenes are distinctly different from the hidden object scenes of the present, which provides the player with an immersive experience as they are transported to a time and place far removed from reality.

Challenging brainteaser puzzles

While primarily a hidden object game, there are various other mini games and puzzles within Alexander the Great: Secrets of Power. These puzzles can range from challenging to downright difficult, so you can be sure that there will never be a dull moment in this game!

If you're a fan of mystery games, or just enjoy a good puzzler, then the mini games in Alexander the Great: Secrets of Power are definitely for you. The variety and challenge of the puzzles will keep you entertained for hours on end. Plus, the game's lush graphics and intriguing story make it a real pleasure to play.

Gripping storyline!

Many powerful artifacts in the world lay unguarded, and a shadow looms over them. As the descendant of Alexander the Great, it is now up to you to recover these artifacts that have the power to destroy the world.

Can you prevail in the face of adversity? Can you master your destiny and save the world?

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

If you're looking for a way to escape the mundane and everyday, why not try out the best hidden object Windows 10 games? This hidden object game has been well-received by those who have played it, and we trust that you will not be disappointed in its gameplay. Come and immerse yourself in the magical, legendary scenes!

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Published 04 June 2023

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