Expand your match 3 horizons with Hello Venice 2: New York Adventure!

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What is Hello Venice 2: New York Adventure about?

Hello Venice 2 is a Match 3 puzzle game that challenges you to demonstrate your garden creation abilities while fulfilling an ancient prophecy and cultivating beautiful flowers.

Besides the main gameplay, there's also a more laid-back decoration mini-game. To unlock all the decorative options you desire, you'll need to earn in-game currency by completing match 3 levels! This combination of gameplay styles makes Hello Venice 2 a perfect fit for those seeking relaxing games for PC.

Your ultimate goal is to have this garden fully equipped, so you better pay attention to what needs to be unlocked in each area. Coins are earned simply by doing well in a level, but the red stones are only obtained by clearing levels. Once you have enough currency to unlock something, you will get around three choices of what item goes there, allowing you to customize your garden to your very own liking. The relaxing gameplay and deep customization options helped make this one of the most popular Windows 8 games to download.

Addictive Match 3 gameplay that spices it up a notch!

If you're familiar with match 3 grid games, you'll find this matching game a bit different. Here, instead of shuffling the tiles to make a match, you'll see numerous gems already aligned with their same colored counterparts.

This unique setup is because, unlike other games where you move tiles around, in this game you simply click and drag across the gems of the same color to make them vanish. The real challenge lies in making matches atop dirt piles. When you do so, the piles are removed, letting water flow freely. This water must reach the other end of the stage.

This stage is so vast that it may not entirely fit on your screen. And if you're looking for a change of pace from the usual match 3 games, why not try some mahjong games as they offer a different kind of puzzle challenge that might just be up your alley.

There are plenty of tools at play that will help you on your journey, but they are all related to how well you play. If you make a match line of five or more, you will make a directional explosion pointing towards where your cursor was aiming. The only way to truly make the best of this feature is to plan your moves ahead of time, so that such an explosion can clear the most troublesome areas.

You can also use power ups to clear certain dirt sectors, but you can only recharge your powers by making color specific matches. If you just match whatever color you see fit you will not get much further in the game.

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Interesting continuity from the previous game in this series!

As far as the story being told in said comics, it might be merely a backdrop for the gameplay yet there is something there for curious people. At the end of the last game, Hello Venice, our heroes managed to restore a seemingly normal garden, yet it was filled with magic.

So much so in fact, that as they finish their work they get whisked away to New York City! There, they find the brand of the very garden they just restored, and decide that this is not mere coincidence.

As they enter the area, an elderly wise woman tells them that they must restore this garden as well, thereby proving themselves worthy of gaining access to the mana tree. Without really knowing exactly what that means, our heroes jump into action and prepare to get their hands dirty as they make this garden shine once more.

Refreshing graphics that makes the game fun!

The game’s art direction moves towards the cherry side. Everything is incredibly bright and colorful, with its high definition colors just popping into view. While the gems we match do not follow any particular theme, the rest of the game is visually tied to the idea of gardening. Flowers bloom as you puzzle away past them, and the choices of decor in the customizing section of the game have such a varied choice of flora that it is really hard to pick just one.

With regard to the characters, there might not be many yet they are still memorable. Like the rest of the game, they are very colorful and detailed, and their style seems to be based on North American cartoon comics. And this reference is not hidden away either; the game’s first cutscene even starts with a comic-esque featurette.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Hello Venice 2 is a charming little game where you can relax with a fun twist on the matching genre, or just enjoy the view you worked so hard to achieve. Each level will have you hungry for more, and without you noticing, you will find yourself creating a beautiful garden in no time.

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Published 29 May 2023

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