Expand your match 3 horizons with Hello Venice 2: New York Adventure!

What is Hello Venice 2: New York Adventure about?

4.5 Rating - 34 Votes

Hello Venice 2 is a Match 3 puzzle game that challenges you to demonstrate your garden creation abilities while fulfilling an ancient prophecy and cultivating beautiful flowers.

Besides the main gameplay, there's also a more laid-back decoration mini-game. To unlock all the decorative options you desire, you'll need to earn in-game currency by completing match 3 levels! This combination of gameplay styles makes Hello Venice 2 a perfect fit for those seeking relaxing games for PC.

Your ultimate goal is to have this garden fully equipped, so you better pay attention to what needs to be unlocked in each area. Coins are earned simply by doing well in a level, but the red stones are only obtained by clearing levels. Once you have enough currency to unlock something, you will get around three choices of what item goes there, allowing you to customize your garden to your very own liking. The relaxing gameplay and deep customization options helped make this one of the most popular Windows 8 games to download.

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Published 01 April 2024

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