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What type of game is Elementals: The Magic Key?

Elementals: The Magic Key is a magical hidden object mystery game filled with brain teasers and exciting battle mechanics. With detective elements involved too as you seek out those who have taken your sister, there is much to comb through and much to enjoy in this game.

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Why should you try Elementals: The Magic Key

Challenging and satisfying hidden object scenes and puzzles!

Elementals: The Magic Key is built in a wondrous world filled with magic and might. Every hidden object scene is intricately detailed with objects of mystical proportions, giving you an immersive experience while you explore this game in its entirety.

But that's not all! Every puzzle in Elementals: The Magic Key is designed to be a challenging brain teaser in its own right. If you are a competitive hidden object player, you will revel in this game! If you are a casual player and wish to cruise along for the story and the ambiance, this game provides for that too so do not worry - this game is for everyone.

Unique and strategic battles

Much like chess, the battles that you have to fight in this game will require a lot of planning and anticipation of your enemies' forces. The battle scenes are visually stunning with aesthetically appealing particle effects, and the combination system is very different from what we have seen in other games.

These battles are also spread throughout the game, balancing out the monotony of simply finding hidden objects. This is a refreshing change from some hidden object games that may be primarily focused on hidden object scenes, but to each their own!

Great reviews abound!

Many have reviewed this game positively, and it has a 4.3/5 rating, making it one of the highly rated hidden object games on GameTop! With so many who have tried and loved the game, chances are high that you will, too. With this game being absolutely free unlike on other platforms, what's keeping you from hitting the download button?

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Elementals: The Magic Key is an outstanding hidden object game with an interactive and refreshing gameplay that is highly enjoyable. Come and put your hidden object skills to the test, save your sister from the clutches of evil, and unravel the sinister forces behind the scenes!

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Published 18 December 2022

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