Three Epic Video Game Boss Battles

Boss battles, many video games wouldn't be great without them. Boss battles are what determine whether video games will have an immensely active and memorable reputation among the audience. The more epic a boss battle scenes is, chances are high a video game will last, test the lapse of time and maintain relevance for long. In this article, our specific interest is to compile a list of some of the most epic boss battles in video game history. The list doesn't describe the best of the boss fights, but those that have truly stuck with us, offer the best memories, and off course, those who will have no complain revisiting over and over again.

Resident Evil – The Tyrant

Epic Video Game Boss Battles

After enduring hard-earned battle against zombies, snakes, hunters, ravens, sharks and all those things that only wish you death, your final reward in Resident Evil only come after successfully fighting The Tyrant. Tyrant’s strength is with its claws, and these can easily kill you only with a single sweep. The claws are the only obstacle to reaching the Tyrant’s weakest spot, and that is its heart. If you manage to put down the Tyrant, all that will not be enough as he can still explode while you are attempting to flee out of the battle zone. The explosion does serve as a reminder that there is usually more work to be done whenever you are dealing with the Tyrant.

Teenage Mutant Ninja - Rocksteady & Bebop

Epic Video Game Boss Battles

Teenage Mutant Ninja is a game filled with many villains; however, it is the Rocksteady and Bebop duo that gives us the toughest battle. The pair has guns and the most challenging aspect about them is that rarely do the two members leave each other. Rocksteady and Bebop are “no joke” kind of guys; they can shoot a barrage of bullets on your way, give a strong kick and quickly tag when you are trying some luck hitting the other. Defeating the duo means that you have to be strategic on what to go for, and this is usually the problematic part.

Super Mario 64 – Bowser

Epic Video Game Boss Battles

Bowser always has mainstay relevance in almost all the Mario Bros franchises. Of all the Super Mario video games we can revisit, no game gives Bowser a memorable appearance than the Super Mario 64. Taking Bowser out of the arena is tough. Every time, Bowser appear at all the exclusive levels, and it is up to you to figure out how you can grab his tail, spin him around the bomb linings as much as you would wish to, and finally, take him out. The boss battle aspect is that no matter how hard you try to take Bowser out, he will always find away and crawl back for more of the magic.

The final level in Super Mario 64 sees Bowser is ready to face Mario who has learned a lot of tricks like how to breathe fire, groundbreaking and sending shock waves. Defeating Bowser in this level means that the Princes Peach gets a rescue. The rescue mission is never easy; Bowser will just be rising again, and again, and subjecting the Princes Peach to more danger.


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