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What is this game about?

Embark on a thrilling solitaire adventure with Jewel Match Solitaire, a creation by Suricate Software that drapes the classic pyramid solitaire game in a majestic allure. As part of the esteemed Jewel Match franchise, this game goes beyond expectations, offering bonus games that add an extra layer of excitement to the experience, making it a truly captivating journey through the realm of cards and jewels.

Simple, elegant and classic theme!

This gem game transports you to a lavishly decorated castle straight out of a fairy tale. The architecture is intricately detailed, from towering spires to ornate archways. Vibrant colors and dazzling lights bring each area to life. You feel like a royal exploring a magnificent domain. And the classic card style fits right in, complementing the enchanting atmosphere. This gem matching adventure immerses you in a stunning virtual world.

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A challenging game of solitaire with obstacle cards

In this game, which is a fresh take on Solitaire, the central element is not what you'd typically expect. It's not about matching card suits like hearts or diamonds, but rather it's all about matching numbers. This unique twist makes the game an engaging and refreshing experience that stands out from the usual free download cards games.

You make matches using only the cards from the deck located at the bottom of your screen. You select a stage from a map and your mission is to clear all the cards. If you can't manage to clear them all, your score will be lower, but don't fret! You can still progress on the map.

And here's something else that's cool: Once you've unlocked stages, you can replay them as many times as you want. So if you're not content with your score or just want to experience the thrill again, feel free to give it another go!

This version of Solitaire provides a fun and familiar experience for fans of the classic game. It is representative of the quality of puzzle and strategy Windows 8 games that were popular at the time and helps pass idle moments productively.

What sets this game apart are obstacle cards. These cards can either be obstacles themselves or regular cards with special conditions. To use them, you must first clear these conditions. For example, locked cards require you to find a hidden key in the deck, frozen cards need to be used twice for combos, and cards with ribbons need scissor cards to unlock them. So, it's not just a straightforward Solitaire game; it adds complexity and strategy reminiscent of Mahjong games. If you enjoy this style of gameplay, you might also want to download mahjong games for a similarly engaging experience.

Unlock power ups and bonus levels as you play!

As you beat stages, you make points that transform into coins, one of the game’s currencies. With them, you can buy power ups for the solitaire levels, which come quite in handy when you feel you have been dealt a raw deal. You can, for example, buy joker cards that can be used whenever you wish, allowing you to make difficult matches that were otherwise impossible. Or you can buy permanent upgrades, like increasing the ability to undo a move, or even to passively gain joker cards without having to buy them.

As you play, you might notice that some cards have red gems behind them. They are used to build new rooms and upgrades for your manor, and you get them by clearing the cards covering them, not by beating the level. This changes how you strategize, since if you feel you might not succeed in clearing all the cards, you might want to prioritize the ones with gems behind them.

If you perform exceptionally well in any given stage, you will be rewarded stars. This is the third and final form of currency in the game, and this is used automatically to unlock the bonus levels. These are all over the map, and offer a different kind of challenge for people used to the solitaire gameplay and want to try a different style, like spider solitaire.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Jewel Match Solitaire puts a fun spin on the classic game. It's sure to hook you as you aim for top scores across its diverse levels. The great part? It's playable offline, making it a top pick for no internet games lovers! Its levels are both tricky and utterly engaging, promising hours of fun as you strive for the best scores.

Want to learn more? Visit the guide to solitaire games and uncover what makes Jewel Match Solitaire and others like it so captivating. Ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of solitaire?

Published 07 November 2023

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