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What is this game about?

Cartoon Car Racing Driving

Renzo Racer is a party racing video game developed by EnsenaSoft. In it, anthropomorphic animal characters duke it out on the race track to see who is the best of them all.

This game is similar to games like Mario Kart with a strong focus on delighting players!

Demanding and gruelling races that will test your mettle!

The real meat of the gameplay comes from the actual races, and their demanding inputs. This is a game better suited for a controller, yet feasible to play on a keyboard. Whatever mapping you end up using, you should keep in mind the buttons to accelerate, break, fire and reset.

When you start a race, you will need to keep in mind your position since the beginning can be quite chaotic, and avoiding an early crash is advisable. Then, you need to watch out for mystery crates and various obstacles. The obstacles can be minor, like crates you can drive through or oil that makes you slippery, to more serious like traps that spring from the floor and send you flying. If you get stuck in any strange position, press the reset button to return to the track. Be warned though - you will lose all momentum, so use it sparingly.

Back to the mystery boxes, they can be both a blessing and a curse. Most of what they can give you is beneficial, and you use items with the fire button. Missiles go straight and crash on nearby opponents, while bombs work like a minefield for unsuspecting racers.

The computer controlled racers are really good at avoiding said bombs, but they are perfect for the two player mode. The lighting bolt makes you go super fast, and it is by far the best of all power ups. The worst is certainly the four leaf clover. If you are lucky, it will make you trade places with someone ahead of you, which all in all is amazing.

Yet it can have the same effect backwards, especially if you are in first place. Therefore, a sound strategy is to avoid these mystery boxes all together, besides non human racers can not even get the clover so you would be cruising safe.

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Youthful and energetic art style!

The game’s art style is incredibly beautiful and energetic, and certainly family friendly. Its roots are deep in games of the same genre, like Crash Team Racing and Mario Kart, which can be seen on the energetic and colorful character and stage designs.

All racers that are available are animals with human features made cartoonishly. All except the shark, who seems to be struggling with breathing outside of the water. Everyone else has some sort of item of clothing and a stereotypical personality; the skunk is flirty, the wolf is angry, etcetera.

Even if basic, their design is incredibly detailed and it even shows on their choice of vehicle. The metals on the cars even have reflective surfaces, and on water stages they even have their own jet ski.

Tons of unlockable characters and skins!

The game might not have much in terms of story, but it does deliver in quantity of characters and unlockables. All racers you can see can be obtained, but you start with a slim number of three. You also only get three tracks to choose from, but if you finish first on each one you can unlock even more characters.

The same is true for the game’s tournament mode, where there are plenty of other stages not available elsewhere. As you beat the races, more tournaments get unlocked which means even more possible characters to choose from.

At first, you might be inclined to choose characters based on their animal. I started with the wolf because he looked cool and had a tie, but when I used him I could barely turn on corners; that is when you notice that each character has stats, and the wolf had high speed but low maneuverability.

With that in mind, I chose the alligator who had the highest turn control, only to find out too late that he is also the slowest. Once you get to know the stages, you can choose specific racers for specific stages, like one that you know has sharp turns would require someone very different from one that is mostly straight.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Renzo Racer is a great and charming racer in its own right, and considering that its competition can not be found on the PC market, it might as well be your only choice for an afternoon of combat racing with the family. Fun is certainly included.

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Published 31 December 2021

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