Embrace Your Nobility and Establish A Successful Kingdom in Golden Trails 2

Engaging Narrative That Reels You into a Layered Story

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Story-wise, you are an English nobleman who was minding your own business one night when you walked home late. The next day, you return home to find the local authorities taking your grandfather into custody. You don't know what's happening, so you follow closely. Through clever thinking and some luck, you manage to break your grandfather free.

He only tells you that some important papers were lost by a bureaucrat. The papers detail why he's in the Queen's land. What he doesn't mention is that he was once a famous pirate, though he later worked for the Queen. Now, someone from his dark past is trying to tie up loose ends.

It's up to you to figure out what your grandfather isn't telling you. You need to discover how this relates to your late father. You also need to identify who wants to destroy not only your family name, but your entire heritage. Someone from the past threatens your family, and you must investigate to solve the puzzle.

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Published 24 January 2024

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