Embrace the Farm Life in Farm Frenzy Refreshed Collector's Edition!

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In Farm Frenzy Refreshed: Collector's Edition, you transform a humble homestead into a bustling agribusiness. You'll nurture adorable animals like chickens and cows, collect their products, and process them into delicious treats like eggs, milk, and pastries. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows! You'll race against the clock to meet your goals while outsmarting mischievous predators like foxes and bears.

Strategic planning, quick thinking, and a touch of farming frenzy are key to turning your farm into a profitable paradise! This Collector's Edition sweetens the deal with bonus levels, achievements, and downloadable goodies, making it the perfect pick for both time management veterans and newcomers seeking a charmingly chaotic farm adventure.

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Published 18 June 2024

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