Dive into Hidden Object mysteries in Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice!

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What is this game about?

Mystery Expedition: Prisoners of Ice is an immersive and captivating hidden object mystery PC game that takes players on a thrilling adventure. Set in the treacherous terrain of the unforgiving North Pole, the game plunges you into a world of icy survival, shipwrecks, and hidden objects!!

Beautiful hidden object gameplay!

As for gameplay, you will need to traverse the different areas in search for items that will help you move forward. Some items can be used on their own, others need to be combined with something. Many objects unlock puzzles, and they will test your brain since they can be quite tricky, and no two puzzles are the same.

If you get too stuck however, you can always press the skip button to move on with the story. Beyond puzzles, there are certain scenarios with lists. These places require you to find all the objects detailed in said list, sometimes needing more actions than simply clicking them. While the Hint button can be of aid, you can also opt out of the scenario entirely and change it for a Jigsaw puzzle. The reward is the same, a single item for you to use elsewhere.

The game offers aid beyond the Hint and Skip buttons, like the Journal where codes and instructions are detailed. This is ideal if you put the game down for a while, and upon returning you do not quite remember where you left off.

The game also comes with collectibles, which you can see from the “Igloo” menu. Here, you can see all trophies and achievements you completed on your journey, as well as being able to buy things for your pet penguin.

As you buy things, you can click on them and the animal will do an adorable animation. To purchase something you will need coins, which can be found all across the game, some even with their own little puzzles.

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Phenomenal visual experience!

The game’s visuals are just phenomenal. Each background is a high quality image filled with details that are a joy to see. The colors are very lively, even if you are in a life or death situation. Contrasts are well defined and nothing is lost to the background.

The show stealer, however, are the live action performances of the actors. Yes, this is a game with real actors, not character pictures, just like the Full Motion Video from old games. Each character has an idle animation when you encounter them, making them really feel like part of the world.

When you talk to them, you are taken to a close up where the actual person engages in conversation with you. And as you solve puzzles and hand them items, they have animations that interact with their environment; this is really the most immersive experience you can get in this genre.

The non-human characters are made with 3D renders, and they are very high quality. The main antagonist that chases you around makes quite a spectacle every time it shows up, making each new stage all the more nerve wracking.

Scary and mysterious plot that hints of danger at every turn!

The story begins with a tale about your grandfather. He was an explorer that tried to map the last unknown areas of the world, and as he journeyed to the north pole, he suffered an accident that nearly killed him. He came back with grand tales of Gods and treasure, then went back into the freezing cold, this time never coming back.

You are a medical doctor that founded a voyage to this frozen wasteland with the intention of finding out what happened to your grandfather. Your ship suffers many problems, ultimately with the engine exploding.

Yet that is the least of your problems, since the captain of the ship tosses you overboard for reasons unknown. As you come to, you will have to do your best to survive and find out what really is going on.

The tall tales of your ancestor might not be tales at all, since things that you will not be able to fully explain begin to happen, including a black smoke with glowing eyes that tries to kill you on every turn.

Enjoy the game absolutely free!

Mystery Expedition is a contender for the best game of its genre, mostly thanks to its visuals and performances but also to its solid gameplay. These games are carried by their stories, and this one does not disappoint.

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Published 20 June 2023

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