Discover Brand New Visions and Unveil the Truth of Your Gift in Faded Reality

Captivating and Engaging Plot with Many Twists

4.0 Rating - 102 Votes

In Faded Reality, the plot revolves around Monica, a woman who receives a life-changing eye transplant. However, instead of granting her perfect vision, the new eyes bring with them a series of unsettling visions! These visions transport Monica to unfamiliar locations, each shrouded in mystery and eerily real.

As you progress, you learn that these visions are not random! They appear to be fragments of a larger puzzle, hinting at a dark secret connected to Monica's donor. Each location holds clues – a cryptic symbol on a weathered wall, a half-burnt letter mentioning a hidden laboratory, a glimpse of a shadowy figure fleeing the scene of a mysterious accident.

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Published 14 March 2024

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