40 Year Old Game Makes a Comeback

Unless you are very young or have been living under a rock, you must have heard a game called Asteroids. The original game was developed by Atari almost 40 years ago. Dark Matter is a modern remake of this amazing classic space shooter. Check it out below.

For those who are not familiar is the most iconic space shooter mentioned earlier, here is a short recap on what you need to do in Dark Matter. You are the captain of a lone spaceship and your job is to shoot and destroy the asteroids flying in deep space. The fun part of the game is that there is no gravity in space, which means that your spaceship will continue moving forward, unless there is an equal opposite force applied to it. In reality, it is quite challenging to control the spaceship, shoot at the bigger and smaller asteroids and avoid being hit at the same time.

Dark Matter builds on this basic idea and adds a campaign layer on top of that. This means that there are more than 30 intergalactic missions to get through on top of the original challenge mode. The challenge mode is basically an endless attack on your spaceship and the idea is to survive as long as possible to get the highest score. The controls are very easy to pick up. Left button is to fire, right button is for thrust and middle button for life-saving megabomb. On top of the usual asteroids, there are enemy spaceships that are really sneaky at trying to outflank and outgun you. The story mode will have you fighting against giant level boss spaceship that at times take up half the screen.

As you might imagine, Dark Matter is basically Asteroids upgraded to HD in terms of graphics and sound effects. The style however is true to the original, so the gameplay is strictly top-down 2D action. You can even shoot or fly past the "edges" of the screen to appear on the other side, just like with the original Asteroids. The weapon upgrades create some interesting visuals with lasers, homing missiles and more. The backgrounds are static which is actually a good thing since there are so many things already moving on screen. It is worth the mention that the game soundtrack is something very different from the original Asteroid. Each level has a very pumping soundtrack of Goa trance which fits the fast paced action really good. If you are not a fun of this music style, there is always the option to turn it off in settings.

Dark Matter one of those great small games you keep coming back to again and again. After you have completed all the missions on storyline, you can still play the challenge mode and compete with your friends for leaderboard positions. Make sure to download this game now, free of charge of course from Gametop.


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