Fulfill The Ancient Prophecy and Dispel Evil in Dark Heart: Flight of the Harpies

What is this game about?

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The story follows a simple family with big hearts. A ranger and a seamstress had two daughters; one of them took more to their mother, and you as the protagonist took more towards your father. While a simple family, they led a life filled with danger not unlike the rest of their village, and we aren’t only talking about the creatures roaming the forests at night. The village is overlooked by an eerie mountain, which on its top holds the lair of the most evil of wizards. This old craven thirsts for eternal life, and has for years held the whole village hostage so, once a year, he can harvest the souls of two unlucky individuals.

Every year, people live in fear of being the next in line, and your family over the past decades as they are spared such wretched fates. Yet everything changes this time, as, at the time of the harvest, you wanted to take a look at the harpies that take people annually. Your parents rush out of their house to come to look for you, to get you back into hiding, yet this puts them in the eye of the creatures and thus, are taken. This is where the game begins, embarking on your quest to save your family.

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Published 17 October 2023

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