Travel in Time with the most Unlikely Duo

An absent-minded professor and a cute snail. This is the indie hit game called Chronology.

If you watched the video above, it gives you an idea of the main characters on Chronology. As the game title suggests, this puzzle game has a rather interesting take on the concept of time and lets you play two very different characters at the same time. You will need to make use of the strengths of each character to solve the levels.

Chronology is a game with really high quality graphics and it is no wonder why the game is getting raving reviews from far and wide. On a scale of zero the hundred, Chronology is getting mostly reviews of 80 and above. The game features beautiful hand-drawn graphics and superbly detailed animations. Each character has a number of entertaining small details such as the hat that is about to fall off from the professors head every time he jumps. The environments are animated with the same level of detail and artistry as are the main characters.

The game is a mixture between the puzzle and platform jumper genres. What makes this game unique are the two characters and the ability to control time. Basically, every single level has "before" and "after" modes, which means that you can go forward or backwards in time. For example, a plant that was only a tiny sprout in "before" might have become a big tree in "after". The tree might then have branches which can be used to climb over an obstacle. Most puzzles require the player to travel in time and manipulate objects to find the solution in such fashion.

The snail character has two superpowers. Firstly, he can stop the passage of time. This is particularly useful in scenes where there are moving platform or other items that would be otherwise very difficult or impossible to use. Secondly, the snail can climb up vertical walls and reach for buttons and elements that are not in the reach of the professor.

There are not many games that would combine puzzle and platform genres in such an elegant way that is done in Chronology. The game is definitely enjoyed by the younger crowd but just as well adults who like logic puzzle games. On top of the solid gameplay, you will enjoy following the funny adventures of the professor and the snail in Chronology.


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