Child Of Light is Free to Keep

Ubisoft’s big hit platformer game in 2014, Child Of Light, is free to keep! But we have 1 last day to grab our free copy.

Child Of Light is developed by Ubisoft and released in 2014 on all major platforms. This platformer RPG is also praised for being an unique game from Ubisoft with great combat system, graphics and story.

Available from NOW until 6 May 2020 at 2am (your local time), this might be the last chance in case Ubisoft doesn’t release it again for free.

Click here to claim your free Child of Light




The daughter of the Duke of Carniola is transported to Lemuria, a mysterious world that needs her help. Identified as the Child of Light and granted the power of flight, she takes on the minions of Lemuria’s Dark Queen in her quest to recover the sun, the moon and the stars to return home. Along the way she’ll discover that her destiny may be far greater than she ever dreamed.

Child Of Light Review

Child Of Light is a unique mix side scrolling (platformer) and a revamped style of an old school RPG experience. The story (and especially narration), background, music, art style and realistic effects of even the protagonist’s hair when she is walking will definitely sink you into the game.

You will also sort of get that this game is enjoyable and at the same time mysterious yet peaceful.

Child Of Light Walkthrough



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